The Mytek Brooklyn DAC/Pre has just received The Absolute Sound’s 2017 “Golden Ear Award”!

East End Hi-Fi is proud of our relationship with Mytek Digital, and excited that their Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ was been recognized by both Stereophile & TAS for it’s outstanding performance!

Steven Stone noting, “The $1995.00 Brooklyn is not only a DAC, but also a preamplifier for 
both analog and digital sources, a headphone amplifier that supports both single-ended 
and balanced cans, and a phono preamplifier for both moving coil, and moving magnet cartridges.”

“Once you throw MQA into the equation, I have to say “game over” for any DAC or DAC manufacturer 
who can’t keep up”.

Stereophile’s 2017 Digital Product of the Year!!!
The Mytek Brooklyn DAC, Preamp, Phono, and Headphone Amp!!

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