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Hi Chris – I am sure that most people that write you are commenting on the gear they purchased – “I love this or that amp, etc.” – but I have learned over the years in this hobby that while equipment is important, capable advise; attention to the details of isolation/vibration control, grounding, power protection; always being available to think through what the customer is trying to accomplish; and trying to work through assembling a system that works together synergistically are extremely important. Yes, you have hooked me up with great electronics (the Zesto Leto and Andros pre-amps); speakers (the Lawrence Audio Cellos); power protection (Torus AVR20 isolation transformer); vibration control (Symposium Ultra platform) but more importantly you have been there to discuss my goals, pulled me off the ledge and suggest great solutions/possibilities. I would urge anyone considering improving their system to RUN, do not walk, to East End Hi Fi – Chris is the greatest – I talk with him every couple of weeks (tube rolling, cartridges, you-name-it) and always come out better for it – Thanks Chris, appreciate all your efforts.


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