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Over the past several years, you have coached me toward and I have bought Zesto Leto and Andros preamps, Lawrence Cello speakers, Reed tonearm, Audioquest Niagara power conditioners and cabling and Symposium stands and rack.  You have championed my needs to numerous manufacturers and been a trusted mentor and friend so I though you would appreciate the following testimonial:

Yesterday, my local turntable setup guy came over to re-adjust VTA on the two tonearms after I installed a new mat.  He travels all over the country setting up hyper-expensive systems and had just come from a room where the cabling alone exceeded $100,000.  After turntable adjustments, we listened to several LP tracks and his comments were extremely positive focusing on how MUSICAL the overall sound was.  He specifically mentioned expensive name brand systems/components belonging to key audio reviewers and industry executives that he had experience with that did NOT have the involving sound and musicality that he found in my listening room that you have helped curate over the years. You have always stressed how components should work together – the SYNERGY of the system vs. the excellence of individual pieces of equipment.  Here is proof positive.  I could not be happier with the engaging sound of my system.  THANK YOU!  John B.                                                                         


Hi Chris – I am sure that most people that write you are commenting on the gear they purchased – “I love this or that amp, etc.” – but I have learned over the years in this hobby that while equipment is important, capable advise; attention to the details of isolation/vibration control, grounding, power protection; always being available to think through what the customer is trying to accomplish; and trying to work through assembling a system that works together synergistically are extremely important. Yes, you have hooked me up with great electronics, but more importantly you have been there to discuss my goals, pulled me off the ledge and suggest great solutions/possibilities. I would urge anyone considering improving their system to RUN, do not walk, to East End Hi Fi – Chris is the greatest – I talk with him every couple of weeks (tube rolling, cartridges, you-name-it) and always come out better for it – Thanks Chris, appreciate all your efforts.

Over the years, Auralic and the PS AUDIO Perfect Wave DAC with Bridge kept improving my sound.   The Bricasti M1SE with Network Player replaces a Lumin T2 which I loved for it’s detail but there was a kind of edgy or brittle element that accompanied the clarity.  I’ve always both enjoyed and feared the whole “holy grail” thing about being an audiophile but with the Bricasti I think I’ve finally come to a resting place.  The clarity and detail of the Lumin is still there but the music has a smoothness and warmth that has displaced the edginess.  Chris, it pairs great with my Audio Research gear and the streamer is faultless.  Since I use Roon, I don’t need a streamer with it’s own software—rather see the effort and focus on the quality of the DAC, which Bricasti does. Very happy with this piece, Chris and thanks for facilitating the whole thing.     Best, Bruce.