Bricasti M1 Series II DAC

East End Hi-Fi’s new Bricasti M1Series II DAC is equipped with Bricasti’s “Network Player” that allows one to directly connect an ethernet connection to the DAC therefore avoiding any corruption to the signal by using a USB cable to connect a server to a DAC. This is providing that you have a core server.  This is because the Bricasti M1 Series II is seen as a media player, and not a core.  You can use a PC to serve as a Roon core for example, or utilize Audirvana or JRiver software.  One would just need a NAS drive to store their music files on the network. 

The performance increase by having your ethernet connected directly to your DAC by a couple of inches of wire is quite incredible.  The sound quality streaming either Tidal or Qobuz actually beat out two servers we had on hand, one at $6500, and the other at $12,500!!  So, for the retail price of $1000 for the Network Player one wouldn’t need a music server. If you currently have a separate music server, sell it!

In addition, the performance increase of the M1Series II over the M1SE that we had on demo is quite significant.  Having added an improved MDx digital platform, new higher current twin linear power supplies with larger performance capacitors brings this DAC to another level.

The difference between the very good M1SE using USB from a music server, and the M1 Series II with the network player sounds as if you were hearing music through a screened window, and now the window is open without anything between you and the music. The signal is pure as water. The tonality of the unit is perfect with instruments sounding like they would live.  The bass response is as tight, and deep as I have heard, and it is partnered with tube amps!

The mids and high frequencies are tonally excellent. The amazing thing to me is that, although the sound is crystal clear, and you can hear every detail of every musical instrument being played, there is absolutely no analytical sound here. It just sounds like music.  The width and depth of stage is the best I have heard, and competes very nicely with our $20,000 analog set up!  The macro dynamics are incredible from the bass through the high frequencies. They will leave you jumping on songs with large dynamic swings.

All in all I can say that the Bricasti M1Series II is one of the biggest upgrades I have ever experienced! said of the Bricasti M1 Series II:

“This is the best digital to ever bear witness in my listening room. My recurring thought when comparing digital to analog was to first record all my albums and then what to do with the proceeds from eliminating my analog components and going “pure digital”. The bottom line here is to suggest that you do not commit to any DAC at this price or higher until you spend some time with the Bricasti M1 Series II. There is a very good chance that your search will be over. A long and successful production run of this new model is expected.”

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