Zesto Audio Leto Ultra II Preamplifier


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Zesto Audio Ultra II Preamplifier is a full function tubed line preamplifier with (1) pr of 12AX7 tubes, and a pair of 12WD7 tubes housed in beautiful exterior casing.  This new Ultra II sports a new upgraded circuit topology delivers more musical detail with a tighter bass. New tube configuration with the 12DW7 allows for the smoothest transition from the input section to outputs, providing the cleanest and most musical path for your signal. New 3 gain positions 3dB, 6dB and 9db make the Leto Ultra one of the most versatile preamps available. New 6 Position Presence Control adjusts the harmonic balance in the mid and high frequencies allowing you to dial back what you may consider to be too bright, edgy or aggressive.

Here’s what Ken Micallef of Stereophile had to say about the Zesto Leto Ultra II:


“The more modern-sounding Leto Ultra II offered superior transparency and resolution, blacker backgrounds (after flipping the dual ground switches to remove some hum), impressive micro-detail, and knockout clarity.”

“The Zesto seemed to propel music more forcefully as I raised the volume via its palm-sized remote. The Zesto was perpetually clear, light-filled, dancing. I could happily live with either preamp.”

“Superbly clean and transparent, the Leto Ultra II’s midrange-to–upper treble focus and lucidity was off the charts, giving fresh insight to familiar LPs. Silky and smooth, its tone was also good.”

“ Must be heard to be fully appreciated. Highly recommended.”


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