Pass Labs XA30.8 Stereo Amplifier

HomeTheaterReview – Best of 2016 Award

“For me, listening to the XA30.8 is not unlike the first time I heard a really great stereo system; it is different, alive, and fantastic”
Positive Feedback

Writers’ Choice Award, 2015
Positive Feedback

“Coming to the end of this circuitous tale, I’ve asked the factory to email an invoice. The XA30.8 will become my new super amp and final 2014 business investment into my reviewer’s tool box.”

“If I was the kind of guy who owns more than one amp at a time, I would own this amp. The longer I listen the more I feel that way. If you don’t want tubes or you need more power than many SETs, I can’t imagine where you would find a better amp.”

“A pure conduit for music you ask? It truly is, and you must go and listen”
Enjoy The Music

“It has everything you could ever want”
Home Theater HiFi

Another stunning review of the XA30.8, available in Tone Audio #78 page 182
Tone Audio

“You can sit for hours enjoying the tube-like, highly detailed musical nature of the XA30.8 with virtually no listening fatigue”
Home Theater Review

Audio Art magazine #369

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