Partnering With the Legendary Designer Nelson Pass & Pass Labs

East End Hi-Fi couldn’t be more excited to partner with the legendary designer Nelson Pass, and the team from Pass Labs. Pass Labs is one of the most well established, highly regarded, award winning, and best sounding solid state brands in high end audio. We are proud to now be one of the few east coast dealers to have the amazing X250.8, XA25 amplifiers, and the XP-12 preamp available for audition!!

Here are just few of the excellent reviews of these fine products:

Pass Labs X250.8 Class A/B Amplifier:

“Best of 2015 Awards” -Home Theater Review- USA

“This generation of Nelson Pass designs is the best that Nelson and his team have created so far.” -Home Theather Review

“It has been my pleasure to experience the X250.8 as it was another great performer!” -Enjoy The Music

“With the X250.8 there’s detail, but there’s also texture.” Part-Time Audiophile 

“An amplifier that viscerally connects you to the heart and soul of the musician(s) you are listening to” Connoisseur Corner

“Build quality is top shelf and the design has just enough subtle “audio jewelry” to delight the audiophile crowd” Connoisseur Corner

Pass Labs XA25 Class A Amplifier:

 “As I listened to album after album, I could hear the textures, colors, tones, and harmonics of music in a way that was very moving. The system’s timbre realism with individual instruments and voices was as satisfying with the XA25 as it had been with any amp. All of this added up to enable my system to play music with a wonderful lifelike flow.” Jack Roberts

Recommended Components – 2018 Stereophile

Pass Labs XP-12 (XP-10) Preamp:

“With the PASS’ “textured” sound, vocals were especially good. Individual singers’ timbre were more quickly and easily identifiable.” Larry Cox

Writers Choice Awards 2017  Positive-Feedback

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