Kuzma Stabi R Turntable

East End Hi-Fi are authorized dealers for Kuzma and we have the Kuzma Stabi R turntable available for demonstration!  The Stabi R is “Class A” rated in Stereophile! The combination of this and the Kuzma 4Point tonearm at their retail price are world beaters!  

Please make an appointment to hear these incredible Kuzma products at East End Hi-Fi, where we create musical synergy through system design.

Here’s what Ken Micallef  of Stereophile had to say about the Kuzma Stabi R Turntable:

“As I played well-loved LPs on the combination of Stabi R turntable and 4Point tonearm… ability to communicate force at lower volumes, a kind of tranquil power, found its way to my rig when joined by the Stabi R. Dynamic shifts became more profound—and as the dynamic range expanded, I no longer needed high volume levels to reveal the music’s strength and presence.”  

“At first, I jacked the juice—but when I tried backing off the volume pot, this record sounded no less rich and powerful when played on the Stabi R: This music sounded graceful, forceful..”  

“The Stabi R and 4Point brought a greater sense of image focus and soundstage depth, and of musicians performing in the larger recorded space now cast before me. Record after record, leading edges of notes and the outlines of instrumental images were stronger, as was the sense of weight behind those instrumental sounds.”  

“The Stabi R relayed every nuance, from the subtle interplay of the rhythm section to the full, brassy shouts of the horn section, all with natural dynamic ease.”

“his Kuzma combo transformed my notions of what’s possible from hi-fi…”

“Is it that much better than my Stabi S? Yes. No other turntable has created its level of stability, presence, resolution and sheer physicality—not in my system.”

“…the Kuzma Stabi R turntable is worth the coin: It’s a game-changer. Extremely recommended.” 

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