Kuzma 4Point 9 Tonearm

East End Hi-Hi have received their demo Kuzma 4Point 9 tonearm. It is mounted on the Kuzma Stabi r turntable. It is Stereophile Class A rated!

This is what Michael Fremer said in Stereophile about the Kuzma 4 Point 11 arm:

“…but for now, the Kuzma 4Point may be the finest tonearm out there, period.

“ The sound the 4Point produced had an immediacy, continuity, transparency, linearity, and freedom from mechanical artifice that, until now, I’d thought could be heard only from open-reel tape. Oh, I might have said that before, and others surely have—but this time, dammit, I mean it!”     

This is what Alan Sircom of HIFi+ had to say about the 4Point 9Tonearm:

“Finally, if you have a Kuzma Stabi of any vintage, and can’t quite make the financial or size commitment to the bigger 4Points, this is by far the best arm you can buy. Highly recommended, and a new reference point irrespective of cost – this might just be the best arm you can buy today.”

This is what Ken Micallef of Stereophile said about the “Class A Rated” Kuzma Stabi r: 

“ the Stabi R wowed KM—whose reference turntable is the less expensive Kuzma Stabi S—with “its ability to communicate force at lower volumes, a kind of tranquil power.” Is the Stabi R worth four times the price of the Stabi S? According to KM, “Yes. No other turntable has created its level of stability, presence, resolution, and sheer physicality—not in my system.” 

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