Harbeth 40th Anniversary 30.2 Monitor Speakers!

East End Hi-Fi has just received our demo pair of the brand new Harbeth 40th Anniversary 30.2 Monitor Speakers! 

Fully broken in, these speakers have an amazing sense of presence, excellent soundstaging, and timbre. Instruments and voices sound scarily realistic! Bass is tight, and nicely extended with normal room boost, especially for a 50Hz response.

Make an appointment to audition these fine speakers at East End Hi-Fi!!

In the just released Stereophile April 2018 edition, Herb Reichert reviewed the Harbeth 40th Anniversary 30.2 Speakers.
He was so enthused with the sound of the new Harbeth’s that he gave them the coveted Recommended Components “Class A” award!!

Here’s what he had to say:

“I noticed how enormous and powerful the large drum sounded.  My minds eye noted the color of its skin and measured its diameter.”
“Miles and his electric band felt tangibly there—unlike those ashen phantoms from my old friend’s shiny new system.”
“This newly discovered vividness caused the Harbeths to remind me of vintage Quad ESL’s.”
“I also believe that Harbeth’s Monitor 30.2 is the most neutral, accurate, and tuneful, fun, and music-loving stand-mounted two-way speaker I’ve heard.”

Steve Guttenberg of C/Net just reviewed the new Harbeth 40th Anniversary Monitor 30.2 Speakers:

“The M30.2s sound like a portal back to the session. It’s a sound you’ll want to savor.”  “I love that the M30.2 makes less than stellar recordings sound more listenable than I would have thought possible.”

” The band’s grooves with meaty, visceral bass lines belied the M30.2’s modest size. This speaker really has a way with electric and acoustic bass instruments — not just the weight, you feel the texture of the vibrating strings. I love that! “

“Vocals are also lovely. They sound more fully developed and natural than I’ve heard from most other speakers in the M30.2’s price class.”

“There was something really special going on here. The Harbeth Monitor 30.2 40th Anniversary Edition is a music lover’s speaker. “

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