GamuT RS5i Speakers

East End Hi-Fi is excited about our new partnership with GamuT Audio. We are now the exclusive northeast dealers for this highly regarded manufacturer of speakers and electronics.

This brand of speakers and electronics has garnered many 
accolades over the years.  Here are a few 
of the audio press’ comments.

Jeff Dorgay of Tone Audio had this to say about the GamuT Rs5i Speakers:

“…the sheer coherence that the new speakers exhibit, along with greater ability to define 
minute detail and spatial cues take the presentation to a much higher level of 

“These are definitely the speakers I’m going to retire with…”

“The way large GamuT speakers disappear in the room like a fine minimonitor has always been 
one of their finest achievements. Once optimized, they not only disappear, but 
their other strength becomes instantly apparent.”

“Even with a more forward sounding system, the RS5is have such a natural tonal rendition, 
they will never feel as if they are grating on your ears, and even after long 
listening sessions never prove fatiguing – making them excellent reference 

“However, I can’t suggest the GamuT RS5i speakers highly enough and I’ve put my money where 
my mouth is – I’ve purchased the review pair. At the recent Newport Beach audio 
show my old boss, TAS editor Robert Harley mentioned the smaller version of 
these speakers, the RS3i as one of his favorites at the show, and Robert is a 
tough cookie when it comes to this kind of thing.”

“Should you take the time to audition a pair of GamuT RSi series speakers, I truly hope you 
enjoy them as much as I do. They are our choice for Speaker of the Year in our 
upcoming awards issue.”

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