Demo Symposium Foundation Ultra Rack

East End Hi-Fi has just received our demo Symposium Foundation Ultra Rack. See attached pictures. The rack itself with the four shelves including basically a Symposium Ultra platform for a turntable (which gives it the “Ultra” designation). The rack weighs in at 125lbs.

Features include:
Resonance-free constrained-layer shelving
Super-strong, solid 6061 “aircraft” alloy frame
Optional Rollerblock® Module isolation
Modular design can adapt to changing system requirements
Natural, Silver or Black leg finishes
Adjustable stainless steel or reversible Tellurium Copper bottom spikes
“Ultra” levels for greater isolation and damping

It’s hard to describe the difference a true anti-resonance device can make in a system. The background is much quieter, of course, and details are more easily heard. There is more dynamics to the music, and sound stage is much bigger. The bass is much tighter and stronger. There is more of a natural sound to the system

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