Demo Pair of the New JM Reynaud Bliss Jubilee Speakers

East End Hi-Fi has just received their demo pair of the new JM Reynausd Bliss Jubilee Speakers. My opinion is that they are an imrproved version of the Bliss Silvers in that they afford more detail and transparency, but not at the cost of musicality.

This is what Bob Neil of Positive Feedback had to say about the Bliss Jubilees:

“What do we expect from entry-level high end stand-mount speakers? First, that they have no conspicuous shortcomings but that they should also go beyond a lack of flaws to the presence of virtues — those qualities that excite us and for which we come to audio in the first place. We don’t expect all of the virtues, some of us are willing to pay two or three times as much (or more) for most of the rest of them. “

“They (Bliss Jubilees) are fast, immediate, firm and clear in the bass, smooth and clear in the upper mids and treble, thanks to the wonderful silk tweeters they share with the Cantabile Jubilees. They image as (only the best) stand-mounts do. They provide more convincing timbre and instrumental voice than I’ve heard at anywhere near their price.”

“These speakers have no right to be as good as they are: they are successors to the Bliss Silvers they succeed and outperform them.”

“Okay, obvious comparisons. Their big brothers, the floor-standing Euterpes have a bit more weight and energy in the bass, moving the center of the presentation down a bit to provide the slightly warmer and weightier presentation some people prefer — surrendering a bit of presence and
immediacy in the deal. That’s the game stand-mounts and floor-standers play. As Jean Claude Reynaud says, the choice between these two speakers will be entirely a matter of taste.”

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