Acoustic Signature Challenger MkIII Turntable

East End Hi-Fi is pleased to form a new partnership with Acoustic Signature, one of the leading manufacturers of turntables and tonearms.

As pictured on the left, we have the Challenger Mk3 with the Silencer Platter with two motors for audition!

Acoustic Signature designer Gunther Frohnhöfer has been building mass loaded aluminum-based turntables for decades. Acoustic Signature turntables are solid, non-suspended designs with heavy platters and electronically controlled drive motors. Their maintenance-free bearings are meant to last a lifetime, while their exchangeable tonearm plates allow for easy swapping of tonearms.

TAS 2016 Product of the Year & 2017 Editor’s Choice Awards:

“Though the Challenger Mk3 may not have the sheer low-end weight and power of the esteemed German manufacturer’s upper tier designs, it still delivers purity, focus, elegance of presentation, and exceptional musicality. Drums, for instance, may not have the ultimate punch, but are still terrifically fast, textured and explosive.”

“Call it a Challenger that punches above its weight – and TAS’ 2016 TURNTABLE OF THE YEAR”

Stereophile Recommended Components Awards  Oct 2016:

Acoustic Signature Triple X: “Anyone considering the purchase of a more expensive high-mass turntable owes it to himself/herself to audition the Acoustic Signature Triple X before spending money on something else.” (Vol.38 No.9 WWW)

Acoustic Signature WOWXXL: “Compared with RD’s Linn LP12 record player, the combination of WOW XXL and Acoustic Signature TA-1000 tonearm produced greater dynamics and detail, greater vitality in the sounds of brass instruments, and more convincing reproduction of space.”

Acoustic Signature WOWXL: Described by HR as “the lowest  priced, high-quality turntable I know of that can be purchased with  a blank armboard”

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